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Since 1968, Petersen Medical has been providing high-quality home medical equipment and dedicated professional service with in-home respiratory, mobility and medical equipment needs.

With local offices across the state, Petersen Medical’s friendly and professional staff is committed to timely service and hands-on training to help others breathe easier. By providing innovative technologies and processes, Petersen Medical enhances respiratory health and mobility—helping many patients maintain their independence longer; and keeping family members, care givers and medical professionals better informed of patient progress in order to improve patient quality of life.

Many face the challenges of dealing with degenerating health conditions that require in-home medical support and care. Those affected by this change are often fearful of the uncertainties associated with a new medically assisted lifestyle. They, and their families, are often concerned about the complexities of in-home medical equipment usage and the prospects of an increasing dependence on inconvenient and limiting medical devices. Many patients feel helpless, wondering if they’ll ever get better or ever lead active lives again.

Petersen Medical’s products and professional services are designed to help others breathe easier—enhancing respiratory health, mobility and independence for patients and improving patient quality of life. The company’s friendly and professional technicians provide installation and personal training to make patients more comfortable, more informed and in many cases more active. Our technicians and staff act as a liaison between patients and medical professionals, making sure patients have the appropriate equipment they need. Petersen Medical maintains the highest standards of service, keeping physicians and other clinical professionals informed of the latest medical equipment advances and ongoing patient statistics and feedback. For more information, call 1-800-888-5137.